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Get your own NFT Memebership

This is done for you amazon store. You won’t have to do anything. We buy and sell all of the products for you. These are name brand products purchased in bulk. Many done for you amazon stores dropship products in an illegal fashion and charge astronomical 25-50k fees. I do done for you amazon stores charging 20% commission but here I’m charging 40% since the buy in is 1/30th of the price I normally charge. This is designed to give people with less capital the chance to make money. The funds will be airdropped to you each month from the wallet you sign up on starting once the funds are deployed which I will let everyone know when that is. I have a done for you amazon distribution charging 30% commission, but here I’m charging 40% since the buy in is 1/30th of the price I normally charge.
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We Love transparency and we want to achieve that through clear communication and being transparent about every aspect of our project.

Brand Labs X is a platform designed to offer passive income to its participants of friends and family to Kris McCauley.

The total numbers of nfts are 400, a limited edition for friends & family. 

After finishing the funding rounds,  With in next 3 to 4 months. And after that every month moving forward.  (We need time to set things up and carefully invest the funds)

Right now this project is available to selective users, Mostly friends & family.  You can still join the whitelist, for a chance to enter.

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